7 Dicas para entrevista de sucesso

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  • Publicado : 7 de janeiro de 2013
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7 Tips For A Winning Job Interview

[pic]Congratulations! With the invitation to yourfirst job interview, you have taken the first step on getting a new job.
Based on the skills in your resume, your potential new manager has decided s/he wants to meet with you. Therefore you “only”have to convince from a personality standpoint.

Here are my top 7 tips for you to leave the room with the invitation for the second interview:

1. You only get onechance to make a first impression: be on time, wear a dark suit or dress with a white shirt if you apply for a white collar job and choose a classical tie if you are a man (if you are a woman andMarlene Dietrich, this is valid for you too). Be likable, dynamic and most importantly authentic. Show 120% of your personality and not only 80%. Be yourself and you will show you are the right person forthe job! Apply a firm handshake (as if you held a tennis racket) and be attentive to a straight eye contact. If you have problems with that, look at the point between the eyes of your opposite but donot underestimate this point as I have seen several candidates being dismissed because of an insufficient eye contact.
2. Go into the meeting with a pen and a writingpad. You would do that for any other important meeting with your boss too, right? Take notes during the interview (rule of thumb: write down all figures and data).
3.Read the homepage carefully and maybe print out some pages. Everyone will recognize the logo of his/ her company and notice you have come prepared. Google the firm. You should have every accessibleinformation before going into the interview (market, history, number of employees, revenues). One of the first questions may be “what do you know about us?” and you have to be able to give a qualified...
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