Human resource management in the internet age: e-recruitment and e-selection methods

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Economy Informatics, 2003


Human Resource Management in the Internet Age:
e -Recruitment and e-Selection Methods
Professor, Ph.D. Constanta BODEA, ec. Vasile BODEA, assistant Mark ZSOLT
Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest
The paper presents the main methods used in e-recruitment and e-selection processes. The discussion of e-recruitments and e-selection methods does not, however,negate the importance
of more traditional tools, based on the face-to-face interaction or on a less technologically
advanced medium. The paper is based on the research financed by Ministry of Education, R esearch and Younth - CNCSIS grant no. 1464/2003.
Keywords: human resource management, e-recruitment, e-selection, web site, SIDES, electronic
resumes, online assessments, online interviewing.1

e -recruitment methods
The main purpose of the recruitment
process is the generation of an applicant pool
truly interested in working in organization as
a response to a job posting.
T he traditional recruiting methods are:
• print media advertising , such as job advertisements and recruitment br ochures;
• networking;
• recruitment agencies.
In addition, there are someInternet-based
methods, very effective for recruiting. These
recruitment methods are driven by skills.
Employers describe their free positions in the
skill terms, while applicants provide an exte nsive detail of their skill. On most sites, job
seekers can post their resumes and browse
through listings for free, applying for jobs
that interest them. Recruiters will need to focus on what applicants haveto offer versus
their current position title.
Employers using Internet services must pay
to list an opening and establish a direct link
to their web site. However, fees for Internet
job sites tend to be lower than for other employment sources, such as advertising and
recruitment agencies. More than 30% of all
recruitment advertising budgets was spent
on the Internet in 2000. Firms canchoose to
list their openings on one of the more than
30,000 Internet job boards ([1].
O rganizations may use their own corporate
w eb site as a recruiting tool. In this case, the
recommended best practices are:
• Provide information regarding corporate

culture to allow applicants to assess their own
fit with the company.
• Provide detailed, yet concise descriptions
of career opportunitiesthat identify upcoming projects and specify the training and d
evelopment opportunities available. Modern
career paths are usually more difficult to define than traditional vertical trajectories, so it
will be important to discern and then communicate how employees advance through
t he organization. Multiple team assignments
will allow employees to learn about the o
rganization as a whole,while simultaneously
developing new and valuable skills.
• Create an attractive site that is easy to
One of the most important elements of recruiting individuals will be the creation of an
effective recruitment message. During the
recruiting process, more information is
better. Research confirms that applicants'
perceive organizations as more or less attractive simply based on theamount of information they receive during the recruitment
process. Existing research on recruitment
indicates that the particular information applicants receive about a potential job opportunity plays an important role in determining
whether they will apply for an open position.
2 . SIDES – Staffing Industry Data Exchange Standard
Staffing Industry Data Exchange Standard –
SIDES was developin order o provide a set
of standards for the exchange of information


between staffing customers, sta ffing suppliers and intermediaries ([3]). SIDES consist of
a suite of XML-based specifications designed
to support a full range of staffing processes.
These standards will enable all participants in
the staffing supply chain (staffing companies,
hiring managers etc.) to exchange...
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