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•       O que é a Anorexia ?

•       AnorexiaNervosa

•       Anorexia Alcoólica

•       Anorexia Sintoma

•       O que é que a anorexia pode causar ?

•       Conclusão

 What is anorexia ?

Anorexia, is essentially, when a person has a ddisorder vision about their own body, which cause the person to see in the mirror to think “fat”, in spite of the people around thennotice that they are too thin. People with anorexia refuse they are thin, since the objective of them is miss more weight. Anorexics use many means ever strict to lose weight: don´t eat,hard exercises. 


Nervous Anorexia

Nervous anorexia is na eating disorder characterized by a Great diet and physical fatigue.
Nervous anorexia is a very complicated desease,involving psychological and social comunication. A person with nervous anorexiais called anoretic.Nervous anorexia mainly affects teenages girls but it also affects boys.Anorexia in teenagers is “on”the problems of low self-estreem, difficulty in being accepted into the group of friends, or you might already have suffered sexual abuse or bullying.
Physiological is a science that studies thephenomena and functions of vital organs of living beings.


Anorexia Alcoólica

Alcoholic anorexia is a disorder of origin in alcoholism, where the person gets unwillingto eat because of alcohol. Many people between 20 and 40 years change food for alcohol to have power with the ain to be thnier. Alcohol if taken on na empty stomach facilitates absorption ant theyhonte no hangry. The influences cited for this type of disease are such as singer Amy Winehouse, who often consuming alcohol or drogs without eat.










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