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Leia cada texto abaixo e responda, para cada um deles, as seguintes questões:
a) Qual o assunto geral do texto?
b) Quais cognatos vocêencontrou no texto?
c) Cite algumas palavras que você já conhecia.

Texto 1 - A Teenager Was Thrown Off A Plane For Coughing

Rachel Collier caught a cold during a schooltrip to New York last week.
The 16-year-old girl fell asleep on an airplane before she and her classmates were to return home to Honolulu, Hawaii.
When she woke up she startedto cough.
"Everyone was looking at me. I couldn't talk because I lost my voice coughing so much. I was panicking," Rachel said.
Although a doctor on the plane thought she washealthy enough to travel on the 10-hour flight, the plane's captain decided she should stay at the airport.
One of her teachers stayed at the airport with her, and they returnedhome the next day. 

Texto 2 - Google will make a phone

According to reports in today's newspapers, Google will be making a new mobile phone. The Internet search giant wants toproduce a phone so that it can have another way to make money from advertising. The new phone will look like a BlackBerry, but will be designed more for Internet use. Manycomputer companies, such as Apple, are designing new mobile phones.

Texto 3 - Figure-Skating Film Is A Success In The U.S.

"Blades of Glory", a comedy about figure skating, was abig hit with American audiences this weekend.
Comedians Will Ferrell and Jon Heder star as two figure-skating rivals.
They get into fight when they tie for a championship. Thefight causes them to be banned from the sport for life.
However, they find a rule that allows them to compete together.
They go on to become the sport's first men's pair. 
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