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Kimberly: Two friends vendors of vegetables, wake up 4 am to work. Even tired are excited to work
Camila: hi Nyan prepared for another day?
Nyan: Whoa!very ...
Camila: So let's set our tents, soon arriving guests.
Nyan: Ok! C'mon.
Kimberly: Meanwhile Thayná, Thamyres and Marianna are leaving their homestoward the fair.
Nyan finish and Camila have to pack their tents and await eager customers.
Marianna arrives at the shack and Nyan says:
Marianna: Hello! Howmuch is 1.5 kg of potatoes?
Nyan: 2 doláres.
Mari: Ok.
Kimberly: meanwhile arrives Thayná and Thamyres on Thursday heading toward camila tent.
Nyan:Delicia! Beautiful woman does not pay, but neither takes!
Thamyres: I see a very beautiful head of lettuce!
Camila: Ok! is for now. Anything else?
Thamyres: Nothank you!
Camila: ok! 1 dóllar
* Thayná só olha e vai para a barraca de Nyan, e Thamyres vai em seguida.
Kimberly: at the same time they are choosingThayná cassava Thamyres caught in the same tray
Thayná: I got it first !
Thamyres: I saw it first !
Thayná: Not, i.
Thamyres: I
Thayná: none of it was meThamyres: already so much matter what you do, then take it!
Kimberly: Nyan goes to separate
Nyan: no, no, please stop, cassava has for everyone!
Kimberly:Thayná Thamyres and take new trays cassava and each goes one way, without paying.
Nyan: and my money?
* Nyan olha para Camila, que olha pra Marianna, que dá odinheiro para Camila e fala:
Marianna: two crazy
Kimberly: Nyan Camila and make you look and expensive question mark, without understanding anything!
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