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This report refers to the practice of two academic intervention of the tenth semester of Psychology. This is the implementation of the service of health psychology at Charity Hospital in the city of Corumbá-MS, confirming the experience of differentapproaches discussed by the trainees in action with patients and their families. The hospital psychology aims to minimize the suffering caused by hospitalization, considering the psychological care provided to patients and families, and production of psychological knowledge through experience in the area told through four interventions in the institution.

Key Words: health psychology, patients inhospital, humanization


O presente relatório se refere à intervenção prática de duas acadêmicas do décimo semestre do curso de Psicologia. Trata-se de uma intervenção constituída por quatro sessões de psicologia hospitalar, no hospital de Caridade da cidade de Corumbá-MS, evidenciando a experiência de diferentes enfoques abordados pelas estagiárias na atuação junto aos pacientes eseus familiares.
A psicologia hospitalar tem como objetivo minimizar o sofrimento provocado pela hospitalização, considerando a assistência psicológica prestada à pacientes e familiares, e produção de conhecimento psicológico na área através da experiência relatadas através de quatro intervenções na instituição.

Palavras Chaves: psicologia hospitalar, pacientes em hospitalização, humanizaçãoTHEORETICAL

A Brief History of Psychology Hospital

In Massachusetts in 1818, the hospital Mc Lean allowed the insertion of the psychologist in the hospital through the formation of a multidisciplinary team of psychologists, pathologists, physiologists and biochemists. The same hospital was founded in 1904, a psychology laboratory where they were developed pioneering research onthe Hospital Psychology. (Ismael, 2005).
The Hospital Psychology in Brazil began with Matilde Neder in 1954, when developing its activities in the Orthopedic Clinic in medical school at USP. Working in psychological counseling of patients undergoing spine surgery searched perform monitoring also postoperatively. In this work Neder sought to make a technical adjustment of its theoretical tool,adapting it to the reality of the hospital. Created theoretical models aimed streamline these services. It was the advocating of Brief Psychotherapy, a systematic practice, far from the texts that reflected this theme years later.
In the 60s, the psychologists were to hospitals as testers. The conduct of clinical psychologists was contingenciado by doctors to assess intelligence, personality,or motor development. In hospitals, patients were those with mental illness. (Laloni, 1997).
  For Alamy (2003) The hospital practice requires us some care that are fundamental to good care, it is important to not confuse psychology with hospital clinical psychology, so we can not do clinic within the hospital. In psychology we are dealing with hospital length of stay of the patient, as well asits organic pathology and iatrogenic effects with practical issues, such as difficulties of the patient and family
regarding the maintenance of the house, away from work and other factors that may not be
disregarded in hospital practice.
  Still Alamy (2003) we conceptualize Hospital psychology as a branch of psychology for the care of patients suffering from some physical-organic amendment,which is responsible for the imbalance in one of the instances bio-psycho-social as well as a psychology directed at patients in general hospitals while extending the clinics and, with their attention focused on the issues arising from the emergency illness and / or hospitalization, the process of falling ill and suffering caused by these, aiming to minimize the emotional pain of the patient and...
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