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  • Publicado : 10 de junho de 2013
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Hi! I’m Alexander Green but my friends call me Alex. I’m from Canada. I’m Canadian and I live in Toronto. I’m 40 years old. I’m married and I’ve got 2 sons. Welive in 78, Parliament St.,Toronto. I’m a doctor and I like my work very much! If you want to contact me, my mobile number is 233-567-789 and my home number is 560-440-654. And here’s my e-mail:alexgr@yahoo.mail.ca . My hobby is cooking. I like football and walking with my dog Snoopy. I don’t like rainy weather and soap operas.

Name: AlexanderSurname: Green Nationality: CanadianCountry: Canada City/Town : Toronto Address:78, Parliament St., Toronto Age: 40 Occupation: doctorMarital status: married Family: 2 sonsPets: a dog (Snoopy) Cell phone: 233-567-789 Home number: 560-440-654E-mail: alexgr@yahoo.mail.ca Likes: football, walking with dog Dislikes:rainy weather , soap operas Hobby: cooking Personal qualities: kind, punctual, a bit lazy