Dynamic and static tests in composite structure superimposed not adhered with elastic support

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  • Publicado : 26 de março de 2013
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The numerical and experimental modeling of static behavior of compositestructures superimposed not adhered is the object of this study of the present work, which seeks to generate a dynamic numerical modeling on such a structure, whosecharacteristic is to own elastic support. The study is based on experimental results conducted on the structure and behavior with respect to dynamic loading, coupled withstatic loading, it can be served, with the data, for studies of fault under the imposed circumstances. This combination of loads may help to validate the numericalmethodology and still generate results of interest about its useful life. The aim of this work is the systematization of experimental data in order to set a numericalprocess that applies to a real structure for the estimation of the failure and its modal behavior when requested dynamically. It was built on a small and distorted scale, witha flat and rigid geometry, whose structural element, plate, was instrumented with strain, acceleration and displacement sensors. The experiments were performed in alaboratory able to support all the requirements of the experiments. Under these conditions, the hypothesis is that instead of instrumenting a structure in a real scale forremoving data, it can be performed the same procedure on laboratory where, controlling certain variables and the possibility of the repetition of tests, it can beprovided the strengthen for appropriate responses for the study of structures supported by elastic means.

Key words - dynamic loading, plate, numerical modeling
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