Difference entre a politica do texas e dos estados unidos

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How do you think the Texas political culture differs from the American political culture?

The Texas political culture is very versatile on its own. There are many ways to explain and define itspolitical culture. I am going to cite the most important characteristics that are related to our state.
One of the most important characteristics of the state of Texas is that we have a governmentthat is very liberal on securing the freedom of is citizens by limiting the power of the state. We rely on assistance from the government to obtain social services for the community and itsenvironmental surroundings. Texas is a very rich state, that is to say we do not depend a lot on outside resources to be semi sustainable. We also keep a fairly low rate of taxation on food, property taxes,gas and natural resources compared to other states.
Culturally speaking Texas has a high rate of Latinos living in the state, more than 51% , and it is very relevant and important that thegovernment somehow keep the roots same as it was before Texas was admitted to the union on 1845. Due to our high economy, Texas has brought many companies from all around the world to our main cities in whichincludes Houston and Dallas. Companies well renowned around the globe especially in the city of Houston known for the big oil industry. Thus bringing more jobs, skilled workers and consequently moremoney to the state.
The most important values of American culture are that we are very proud of the way our systematical political parties work. Starting with party conventions (Democrat andRepublican), to way that bills are chosen through the Senate and House of Representatives until it goes to law. Americans are also very enthusiastic when it comes to choosing its leaders, Presidents,Governors, and state representatives by exercising our democratic right of voting.
When comparing the United States to the state of Texas, Voting registration is fairly easy. However, not a lot of...
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