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TABLE OF FOODS CHEMICALLY COMBINED GROUP A: Foods That Combine With Each Other Plus One of Group B:
Almond Artichoke Asparagus Avocado Beets - red Brazilian Nuts Broccoli Butter Cabbage Carrots Cashews Cauliflower Celery Chicken Cocoa Coconut -dried Corn on the Cob Crab Meat Crabs Cucumber Eggplant Eggs - chicken/fish Endive Fat in General - oils, etc. Fish French Beans GarlicGreen Beans Green Mustard Green Onions Green Peppers Hazelnuts Leeks Lettuce Lobster Meats Mushrooms Mussel Octopus Olives Olive Oil Onion Oregano Oysters Parsley Peanuts Peas - fresh Pumpkin Radishes Savoy Cabbage Sesame Shellfish Shrimp Spinach Squash Squid Thistle Tomatoes - Sweet Turnip Walnut

Group B: Foods That DO NOT Combine With One Another:
Barley Breadfruit Chestnuts Chick Peas CornFlour Corn - dried Dried Beans Dried Peas Flower of Mandioc Yams And all other starches and flours Oats Pearl Barley Potato Rice Rye Sweet Potato Wheat and Derivatives Macaroni Lentils Soybean

Group C: Foods That Combine With Each Other Plus One of Group B If They Aren't Prepared in Fat:
Apple - Delicious Bananas - dried. baked or cooked Cream Cheese Cheese - fresh, cottage Persimmons PlumsDates Grapes - Muscatel Guava Honey Jaca Tree Fruit Melons -honeydew, cantaloupe crenshaw, casaba Watermelon Papaya Sweet Pears - D'anjour, Comice Prunes Coconuts - fresh Ricotta Cheese Figs Raisins Sugar Cane Syrup Syrup Coffee / Decaffeinated Teas of: Leaves / Peals of Oranges Lemon Peel Black / Herb Tea

Group D: Foods That DO NOT Combine With Each Other Or Anything Else:
Apple - acidicApricot Blackberries Cider Cherry Currants Curdied Milk Grape - acidic Grapefruit Lemon Loquat Yogurt Mango Peach Pear - acidic Plum – acidic Pineapple Pomegranate Orange Quince Raspberry Strawberry Tangerine Kefir

Group E: Raw Bananas Combine With:
Apples - Delicious Cheese Cream - fresh Figs - fresh Grapes - Moschatel Melons - sweet Watermelon Sweet Pears - D'anjour, Comice Prunes- sweet PersimmonAnd all other sweet fruits when fresh

Do Not Combine With:
Avocado Butter Dried Fruits Honey Olive Oil Oil and Sugar in General Sugar Cane Prunes syrup/ juice/syrups Oil and fat in general (all of Group B)

Group F: Milk Combines With:
All of Group B Banana - raw or baked Saccharin and similar Cooked Yolk Milk derivatives except: curdied milk kefir yogurt (and other curdied milk products)Does NOT combine with:
All of Group A Fruits in general Egg Whites Meats Oily Fruits Olives Sugar in General Oils and Fats Sweets in General

OBSERVATIONS: Egg yolk. raw or cooked, fresh coconut, brewers yeast, coffee, and several kinds of teas are compatible with any food, for they are considered neutral. AVOID: Sweets and canned foods in syrup, pepper, clove, cinnamon, mustard, pickles,vinegar DON'T EVER EAT: Pork of any kind. NOTE: Bread, to be less fermentable, shall be made out of pure or natural flour and eaten 24 hours after baked. Then should be eaten as toast or oven warmed. IMPORTANT: In order to avoid a chemical conflict, it is ESSENTIAL that meals are at LEAST 4 and a half hours apart. DO NOT ANYTHING BETWEEN MEALS. Group A Cooked Food: It is best to make your own foodat home until you become familiar with these eating habits. This way, it will become easier to decide what to eat at restaurants or fast food places. Many restaurants use a wide variety of condiments, spices and sauces which are not recommended on the "Gracie Diet". Keep this in mind when ordering. You want to eat as much basic fresh foods as possible. If you are in a situation where you areeating on the run, it is best to go to the nearest grocery store and get some fresh fruit or vegetables and make a meal this way or you can get a fish/chicken or meat sandwich, (no condiments). DRINK WATER. French fries would not combine with this because potato does not combine with bread. Maybe you will want to order 2 or 3 sandwiches because nothing else combines. It is ideal to have your cooked...