Develop organisational marketing objectives

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Assessment 1
Develop Organisational Marketing Objectives
Task A
1) In my opinion about Starbucks mission statement we have to consider everything related to them about the coffee, so , first of all the quality is not good, but the service was fine. The problem, I think is about the ingredients, beans, milk, etc.
Starbucks’ mission statement could be blamed for its challenge in Australiabecause the promise to deliver good quality products however that promise was not delivered. In addition to the poor quality they charge premium prices as well, that indicates that they couldn’t care less about their customers.

2) A situational analysis usually should include:
SWOT analysis – See question 6
PEST analysis –Australia has a stable political,technological and economicenvironment. But, the socio-cultural aspects were neglected by Starbucks.
Competitor analysis – the Starbucks should aim to provide better quality for more affordable prices and deliver better services as well.
Review of the firm’s current goals and objectives- Due to Starbucks’ current circumstances, i.e. they closed down the majority of their cafes, it is difficult to determine their goals andobjectives. Starbucks may close down the rest of their shops; may maintain them to survive or re-brand themselves and get back to competition.

3) The law governing the sales of goods and services: Sale of goods Act (NSW)
Competition law &Consumer protection and complaints handling: Fair trading Act (NSW) and Consumer and Competition ACT 2010

4) Strategic direction: taking on the world: can acafé provide great time for all of its customers?
Most importantly, can a business grow while maintains an ethically sound approach to trade?
It looked like Starbucks’ strategic direction intended to sustain growth by continuing the development of their image.

5) They didn’t seem to pay much attention to product optimization. In short, they just took what worked in USA and Europe, and tried ithere. Unfortunately for Starbucks, what worked in the US was bitter, weak coffee augmented by huge quantities of milk and sweet flavored syrups. Not so much coffee, as hot coffee-based smoothies. This didn’t work in the Australian market.

6) Strengths: High brand equity; Satisfied employees; Exclusive coffee products.
Weaknesses: High prices; Overdependence on coffee and coffee relatedproducts; Lack of internal focus.
Opportunities: New markets with low investments; Coffee market growing worldwide; Product range diversification for more food and non-food items; New distribution channels (delivery).
Threats: Boycotting for political reasons; Financial crisis and recession; Increase in domestic competition; Volatile coffee and dairy products; Market saturation; Consumer trends towardmore healthy ways and away from caffeine.

7) As to Starbucks previous objectives, they should change the service and get experienced staff.
Adjust the products to suit Australian’s coffee taste
Leasing a not large and expensive shop space for the café
Have a new brand and advertising to promote the brand
Identifying a target market

Task B
1) Exhibition could be used by Starbucksespecially to re-brand themselves. Exhibition would give the company opportunities to showcase their dedication to improve the quality of their products.
TV and billboards advertisements would help Starbucks to make their brand well-known and recognizable. They need it because when the company entered into the Australian market, Starbucks relied on their reputation only and did not advertise at all.2)
Exhibition TV Billboards
Costs Could be expensive Expensive Kind of sustainable
Benefits Huge how it helps to rebuild Starbucks image Reach a huge number of target audience Displayed for reasonably long time
Risks Not enough visitors Wrong timing Wrong locations
Opportunities Re-introducing the improved products + Introducing new products or innovations Making the firm well-known...
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