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Mission Editor Guide
I. II. Before You Start Using the Editor A. Kingdom Map 1. Adding an Object 2. Editing an Object 3. Moving and Deleting an Object 4. Adding Routes 5. Editing Routes 6. Resetting the Map 7. Setting Trade Prices B. Designing Terrain C. Options Screen D. Events Hints, Tips and General Guidance



Before You Start Welcome to the Pharaoh Mission Editor! Soon, youwill be devising your own stories, leading players through your own version of ancient Egypt. The key to developing a challenging mission lies in good planning. Before you begin designing a scenario, carefully consider the following questions: ♦ What is the primary goal of the mission? This is the most important question to address. The primary goal of a mission could be one or more of any of anumber of things. Maybe you want the player to develop a distribution system over a difficult terrain. Or, maybe the goal will be to build a bustling economy under difficult circumstances. Of course, there's always combat and monument building. Your primary goal will dictate most – if not all – of the mission's characteristics. ♦ What impact does the primary mission goal have on design elements? Onceyou've chosen a goal, think through the ramifications for the scenario's design. Let's say your goal is for the player to construct a large Brick-core Pyramid Complex, an Obelisk and a small Brick-core Pyramid. With the primary goal in mind, think about what the player will need to successfully complete your scenario. First, you'll need a play area with plenty of space to house the threemonuments. You'll also need to be sure that the area has access to the proper raw materials, either in the area itself or by trade. If you are requiring the player to trade to procure needed raw materials, you will have to be sure that she has enough starting deben to afford the imports or that the player can produce valuable exports. Also, because the Pyramid Complex's causeway must connect to the riveron the east side, you will need to make sure that water

runs through the play area, and that there is plenty of room on the east side of the river for the large Pyramid Complex. Even the most straightforward goals – like building three monuments – have far-reaching implications on scenario design. The more complex your primary goal is, the more variables you will have to consider before youbegin designing the mission. Once you begin actually designing your scenario, you may find that your goals and objectives change (it happens to all of us). If they do, just take a moment to consider what the changes mean to your scenario design. Important note: The mission editor will allow you to make mistakes. It will not prevent you from setting enormous invasion sizes or invalid price or ratingssettings. Be aware that if you set a number outside of Pharaoh's acceptable range (or forget to set a crucial component), your mission will probably not work the way you intended. II. Using the Editor To get started, click on the Mission Editor button from the Main Menu screen. A list of all the Custom Missions already included in Pharaoh will appear, along with a few new missions. Choose“Default” from the missions list, and a large, blank play area will appear. Now, save the mission with a new name (that way, you’ll be sure that you won’t make any permanent changes to the default mission). Your new mission name will appear at the top of the screen. Now, choose the size of the play area. From the File menu, choose New Map. A list of available play area sizes will appear. Keeping in mind yourmission objectives, pick an appropriate size. The New Map function changes the size of the play area and resets any terrain features you’ve created; other mission characteristics (like trade partners and events, which you’ll learn about later) aren’t affected. Now that you have blank terrain, the temptation to begin landscaping the play area is almost irresistible. We strongly urge you – beg...
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