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Think of a show, live or on TV, that you have seen recently. Write a very brief review describing the show and your general opinion of it. Use some of the discourse markers in the grammar reference section.

I have recently seen a TV show called “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, a sitcom that finds humor incommon situations of everyday life and, therefore, makes ordinary people, namely the audience, relate to it.
The plot follows the life of Larry David, who plays himself or, strictly speaking, a version of himself based on his persona. He is a thriving middle-aged Jewish American screenwriter who worked, for instance, on the sidesplitting and now classic “Seinfeld” series, that similarly dwells onthe everyday lives of regular types (including a few eccentric ones) and to which the aforementioned TV show certainly owes its brand of dry humor. In addition, we are introduced to other colourful characters, such as his wife, his agent, his father and, also playing themselves, a stand-up comedian and an acting couple.
Larry is slightly neurotic and has many quirks, too. For example, he chooseshis office building’s restroom over his own house’s because his wife insists on the use of environment friendly recycled toilet paper, which he dislikes. Moreover, he is often complaining about his bad luck, like the switch of clothes sent to the laundry service, or situations in which he rubs people the wrong way and then they get even with him later, e.g. when he complained about a woman standingahead of him in the line of an ice-cream shop who took far too long trying samples of all flavors, and who turned out to be the principal of the school his friend’s daughter was applying for, eventually hampering her chances of being admitted.
Most episodes struck me as being hilarious, in particular those in which he hosted a loud, foul-mouthed African-American family who had their housedestroyed by a hurricane after being convinced by his wife, who is drawn to humanitarian causes, at first against his will but then getting along very well with them later on, not to say the episodes in which he and his wife briefly split up and he goes on a date with a bossy doctor whose handwriting in a love note he just can’t make head or tail of.
So is this TV show worth seeing? I guess it appealsto people who enjoy a more subtle kind of humor. However, there can be people who may find some of the situations a bit contrived, while others, likewise, may not find gags about everyday life particularly amusing.
All in all, I believe most people can get the jokes and laugh out loudly, or at any rate be entertained, by the funny stories told in this TV show.


REVIEW: Groundhog Day

“Groundhog Day” is a romantic comedy starring Bill Murray and directed by Harold Ramis.
The story is about an egocentric, sarcastic weatherman named Phil Connors, who is sent to a small town, much to his dislike, alongside a TV news producer, Rita, and a cameraman to cover the Groundhog Day festivities that take place there every February 2nd and boils down tothe belief that the town’s most famous groundhog (whose name, ironically, is also Phil) has the ability to predict whether the spring will come earlier or not, depending on the animal’s sight of its own shadow. Needless to say, Phil Connors thinks very little of this event and broadcasts the news story not without uttering his usual wisecracks.
Due to a blizzard that brings about the closing ofthe roads, Phil is stuck in the town he was so eager to leave as soon as possible. To make matters worse, when he wakes up he finds out that he is trapped in the same day again, that is to say, he has to go through, over and over, a day he would rather forget or, at any rate, did not find particularly remarkable.
At first, he takes advantage of this situation to satisfy his own selfish needs,...
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