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This city is world-famous for its natural beauty. It is often mistaken for the capital ofBrazil, since it is still its most recognizable city from a foreigner’s point of view. Besides, it is the city that best summarizes Brazil’s strengths and flaws.
There are plenty of things to do there.You can start by spending some time on its gorgeous beaches, where you can wind down, get a tan and enjoy the perennially hot weather. While you let the beach work its magic on you, don’t forget tostroll along its sidewalks, whose famous curvy patterns are considered a postcard from the city. As you wander around, you can bask in the city’s lively atmosphere, although there are those who wouldrather gawk at scantily dressed passers-by.
Rarely will you find such awe-inspiring sights, which are spread all over the cityscape, such as the Sugar Loaf.
On no account should you leave the citywithout visiting the Redeeming Christ, a soaring concrete monument that is worth seeing not only because it has been recently dubbed one of today’s wonders of the world in an international survey but alsoprovides its visitors with a privileged view of the city.
If outdoor activities are not your cup of tea, bear in mind that the city boasts big modern shopping malls, sophisticated movie theaters,music halls, museums and several restaurants. It is easy to fall prey to its charms, which include typical Brazilian food and music and warm, laid-back people. In addition, soccer fans can watch a gameat the legendary Maracanã Stadium, which has hosted memorable sports events over the years.
This city is an unforgettable destination in any time of the year. However, if you don’t mind crowdedplaces and too much fuss, you can visit it during Carnival and check out Brazil’s biggest popular celebration in person.
Moreover, this city is one of the most sought-after destinations on New Year’s...
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