Box sync: quick start guide

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Box Sync: Quick Start Guide

Box Sync lets you keep multiple folders from your Box account in sync with your computer desktop.So now,
whenever you change or add content to Box folders on your computer, it’s all automatically saved to your Box
account. It getsbetter: Sync does this for your whole team, so edits and updates appear on everyone’s desktops.

Sync in a Snap: Box to Desktop

Ready tosync content in your Box account right to your desktop? It’s easy:
Go to and log in to your account
Head to All Files andFolders and select a folder to
sync to your desktop
Right-click on this folder (or click the arrow to the
right of it) and select Sync Folderto Desktop
This folder will now appear in the Box Sync folder
on your desktop. That’s it – you’re syncing!

Sync in a Snap: Desktop toBox

Want to put it in reverse ... and send new content from your desktop to Box? That’s a breeze, too. Just:
Save or add content to afolder inside the
My Box Files folder on your desktop. Or …
Create a new folder inside My Box Files
and add files to it
Share thesefiles: Just head to Box after you
sync and add collaborators

Questions? We’ve Got You Covered

Visit Box Support, check out the BoxOnline Community, write us or call 1-877-729-4269. Meantime,
enjoy Box Sync – and see how it makes working together no work at all.

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