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Bath and Body Works


Bath & Body Works (BBW) helps people around the world to wash away the daily stresses of life. BBW is a subsidiary of Limited Brands and operates more than 1.650 stores throughout North America and an online shop. Our products are mainly shower gels, lotions, antibacterial soaps, home fragrance and accessories under its own BBW brand. Insome stores customers in need of rejuvenation can also find a line of aromatherapy and at-home spa treatments, such as massages and pedicures.
The BBW brand has had an image makeover, from country-inspired to a modern-day apothecary of beauty.
The Brazilian people increasingly worry about being and feeling good. And the skin care and body care are in high trend, also they have a normalculture to want all they see in soap opera, “novela”, that shows all beautiful people in perfect shape.
The type of BBW products are among the most consumed by Brazilians, which are personal hygiene and cosmetics line products and with the Brazilian’s middle class increase Power of purchase had directly reflected on consumption and expansion of the cosmetics industry that has a significantly grownin recently past years. In 2010 for example, had a real increase of 11%, equivalent to more than 900 million dollars and a potential for a growth close to 9.5% by 2015. With all big Brazil Events that will came in next year’s , like Olympics and world cup, this scenarios show us an excellent business opportunity.
Limited co is presenting Bath and Body Works in Brazil with the Idea forPartners to franchise expansion.
A concept store on Oscar Freire would be the beginning of a marketing plan that also would be made in e-commerce. With the same sales strategy of all American stores, we will have deals like Buy 3 and receive 4 and coupons for discount and a return policy for e-commerce products of for customer satisfaction.
The Brand presentation will be made with samples atevents and magazine and social networks dissemination, as well as ads in major means of communication seen by the target audience.
With the main target audience would be women between 18 and 44 years of middle class and upper middle class. The proposal is that the BBW stores will be located in the best Malls at the major capitals of the country, like in the shopping Iguatemi JK, where are the bestbrands, and also to create the image we want for the brand in the country.
With an estimated turnover of U.S. $ 827,722.60 per month, the profitability of 4.78% per month and profitability of 2.19% per year we see that BBW is a store that has a good future market sales of cosmetics in Brazil being a business with high profitability.
The value of the investment is R$ 1,805,152.00 and theexpected returns is approximately 20 months.

Basic Store Facts*

|Net sales (millions)                                           |$2,674 |
|Comparable store sales                                     |6% |
|Number of stores                                             |1,650 |
|Selling squarefeet                                             |3,768,000 |
| | |

 * As of January 28, 2012

▪ Logos:

[pic] [pic]

[pic] [pic]

▪ Brand: Bath and Body Works
▪ Slogan: Experience the ultimate in ultra-pampering
▪ Stores:[pic]
Bath and Body Works location in Centerville, Ohio

Inside of a store
1. History

✓ 1990 – The Start:
Bath & Body Works, LLC, is an American retail store under the Limited Brands umbrella. It was founded in 1990 in New Albany, Ohio, the first store opened under the Bath and Body Works name was in Boston, Massachusetts in 1990 and has...
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