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  • Publicado : 18 de outubro de 2012
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Dear Rebecca and family.
I’m very happy and pleased to talk to you again. We’ve been in a long time without contact, I was wondering what could have happened. I thinkyou’re going to find interesting the news that I have for you, mainly the news about our baby (yes, we have a baby too).
A lot of things happened this last year. Mary gotpregnant eleven months ago. Now we have a pretty litle girl, her name is Julia, she’s 2 months old now and she is as cute as a litle princess. Mary is a housewife now andI’m still work in the oficce at Gorlan’s Street with my old man and my brother. The business are going so well that we’ve been thinking to expand to another countries, maybesomewhere in Asia or South America, we don’t know yet.
I have seen your kids are very smart, I wanna know Conrad personally, I think you forgot that we have just met oncein a web cam conference, but I’ve never seen him at flesh and blood. Josh I already known, but he can don’t remember me, he was just a litle baby in that time.
I alwayssaid Luke that he could work here with me at the company, it would be very interesting for him, but he loves the hard way to get his things done, I apreciate that, he is ahardworking guy, that’s for true.Pappa said once that Luke is almost a son for him, that’s a miracle coming from my old man, he always says that nobody is family like ourown family, Luke is an exepition indeed.
Well, I guess this is everything. Happy Christmas and a very, very happy New Year. Put a visit to your friends in your schedule,we need to travel together again, maybe for Africa or Europe, I don’t know, this time you decide the destiny. Long life and prosper. Kisses for you and your family.