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The ‘X - Y Theory’ Questionnaire (Page 1 of 2)
Indicates whether the situation and management style is the ‘X’ or ‘Y’ style:
Score the statements (5 = always, 4 = mostly, 3 = often, 2 =occasionally, 1 = rarely, 0 = never)
_ 01)
_ 02)

People leaving the company are given an 'exit interview' to hear their views on the organisation.

_ 06)

I am incentivised to work hard and well.


If I want extra responsibility my boss will find a way to give it to me.

_ 08)

If I want extra training my boss will help me find how to get it or will arrange it.

_ 09)

I call myboss and my boss's boss by their first names.

_ 10)

My boss is available for me to discuss my concerns or worries or suggestions.

_ 11)

I know what the company's aims and targets are._ 12)

I am told how the company is performing on a regular basis.

_ 13)

I am given an opportunity to solve problems connected with my work.

_ 14)

My boss tells me what is happening inthe organisation.

_ 15)

I have regular meetings with my boss to discuss how I can improve and develop.


I am given credit and praise when I do good work or put in extraeffort.

_ 05)


I am left to work without interference from my boss, but help is available if I want it.

_ 04)


I am encouraged to learn skills outside of my immediatearea of responsibility.

_ 03)


My boss asks me politely to do things, gives me reasons why, and invites my suggestions.

Total Score

Strong Y Theory Management (Effective long& short term)
Generally Y Theory Management
Generally X Theory Management
Strongly X Theory Management (Autocratic leadership may be effective in the short term but poor in the long term)

Mostpeople prefer ‘Y-theory’ management. These people are generally uncomfortable in ‘X-theory’ situations and are
unlikely to be productive, especially long-term, and are likely to seek alternative...
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