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Should humans stop eating animals and become vegetarians??

Nowadays this subject have been increasingly discussed, many people have adopted this ´´new´´ lifesytle which is Vegetarianism. Accordingto a dictionary a vegetarian is someone who never eats meat or fish. However they do not only eat vegetables but also fruits, grains, oils, fats, and sugar. Among vegetarians, we can also found theVegans, that are people who don´t eat eggs or dairy products.
Normally this diet is chosen because of health or religious reasons or even because of animals protection. This last aspect, alreadyexisted in antiquity, the Greek philosopher Pythagoras was a vegetarian and he believed that as long as humans kept killing animals, they would keep killing each other so he decided not to eat meat whichmeans that being vegetarian is not a current issue.
But becoming a vegetarian is not only protecting animals but also the protecting our own health. Besides being a good and a ballanced diet,vegetarianism also prevents certain diseases such as, lung and colorectal cancer, diabetes or cholesterol. It also does not contain certain chemicals, hormones, toxines or low satured fats that we generallyfind in meat.
According to the extract , ´´there are more reasons than ever to become a vegetarian´´. We can name several reasons, but those that concern us the most, are the ones that are considerednegatives such as the cruel way that some animals are treated as well as the destruction of ecossystems by over-killing and over-consuming or even the conditions in which they live, as well as thequality of the food and the diseases that some of the products that are sold to us contains. Diseases like Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis or Mad Cow Disease , are examples how far meat can damage ourhealth or even kill people.
The world's fresh water shortage can also be an example of how becoming a vegetarian could be a benefit for us. Animal protein-rich food consumes five to ten times more...
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