The blog phenomenon

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Nowadays there are about 100,000 millions blogs and 9,000 are appearing every day. This phenomenon is due to some reasons that we´re going to explain. There are so many blogs that maybe someday regular sites won´t exist anymore. Politics, journalists etc, use blogs to promote their jobs or points of view but mostly people with ages between 14 to 34 years old seemto rule the blog world. The blog community is known blogosphere and the person, who maintains the blog, is called blogger. May have one or several collaborators. This article is only been able to touch on some topics about the blogging and facebook phenomena. It´s mostly about the influence on teenagers.
In this report, we will seek to explore the meaning and significance of theblogging and facebook phenomenon and the influence of it on the teenager’s relationships. We´ll begin this exploration by looking at the definition of the term, the origins of the phenomenon, and how individual blogs might be classified. From there, we´ll look at the strengths and weaknesses of the medium.
Overview of the Blogging Phenomenon
The term "weblog" was first used by JornBarger on his Robot Wisdom website in 1997 (Auburn 1999, and Blood 2000) and is now used to describe personal websites that offer "frequently updated observations, news, headlines, commentary, recommended links and/or diary entries, generally organized chronologically." (Werbach 2001) While there are many websites that are frequently updated, "what makes a Weblog a Weblog is that it's organizedchronologically and designed for short, frequent updates. In other words, Weblogs represent the online intersection of people and time." (Werbach 2001)
A blog is contraction of the word web log. Blog is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed inreverse-chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.
The term blog is just another way to say online diaries or journals. The journal can be made up of many different forms of media, including writing, images, video clips and pictures taken with a digital camera or the camera inside the newer mobile phones. In its simplest form, the blog mightjust consist of lots of links to whatever the author finds interesting on the Internet.
Blogs can be focused on one specific topic and written by one author who incorporates different ideas, resources and articles into each entry, or a blog can be written by many contributors on a common set of topics.
A blog can also express a personal viewpoint, becoming essentially a public diary that documentsone person's daily experience. Some blogs do so entirely through photographs, and these are called photoblogs. One of the reasons why blogs exist is because people feel comfortable by expressing their feelings, thoughts and their personal viewpoint for others.
When it was created?
Someone somewhere created the very first Web log. It's just not quite clear who. The word blog was first usedfor Robert Wisdom, like we already said.
It may not be one of the Internet's grandest accomplishments, but with the number of active bloggers hovering somewhere around 100 million, according to one estimate, there are some serious bragging rights to be claimed by the first person who provably laid fingers to keyboard in the traditional bloggy way.
Was the first blogger the irascible DaveWiner? The iconoclastic Jorn Barger? Or was the first blogger really Justin Hall, a Web diarist and online gaming expert whom The New York Times Magazine once called the "founding father of personal blogging"? Maybe the all three make incremental improvements on earlier proto-blogs.
Actually we know someone created it but now it doesn´t really matters. We´re enjoying it by creating more and more...
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