Cyberspace benefits journalsim

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Cyberspace benefits Sports Journalism
Journalism is experiencing what Eric Klinenberg described as a “revolutionary period” in the transition to digital age and information technology (2005). Alongside this is Sports Journalism, only that with sports journalism, globalisation came (mainly because of international competitions such as the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games) andconsequently, digitisation (Boyle, 2006).
Previous studies have analysed how sports clubs and players are trying to take benefit of the internet, social media and mobile internet to deliver exclusive news to their fans and followers. For journalists, it can be argued that it has become harder to access players as clubs try to find ways to avoid traditional sports journalism.
This assignment’smain aim is to look at how cyberspace benefits and penalises sports journalism taking special attention on Brad Schultz and Mary Lou Scheffer’s study about how Twitter is affecting Sports Journalism (2010).
What changes the Internet brought to Sports Journalism:
In recent years the internet became the main feature of almost every news organisation. The news freshness is a keypoint in many peoples’ preference over other types of information but it also has its bad side which are later going to be explained. When using the internet, the user does not have to wait until the next morning to read about a certain story. The internet has helped cyber users to keep up with live scores and scorers, follow matches online, discussmatches with other cyber users online and now, people can even watch matches on their mobile phones. . The speed, interactivity and comprehensiveness of the internet as an information source are extraordinary in communication media (McNair, 1999).
However, the appearance of blogs and forums has also aided the arrival of many “citizen journalists” which means that anyone can post anews story online. The disadvantage of this is that users will not know if these are true or not (McNair, 1999).
Social Networking
More recently journalists have experienced the arrival of Social Media, nominally Facebook and Twitter.
These were created with one aim: social networking. Twitter and Facebook allow users to post messages to friends and other interested people, in case of Twitter,users are limited to 140 characters posts. However, companies have found out that these can be a great platform to expand business and in the case of sports journalism, they have become an important news platform for journalists. As the digital world evolves, the news consumption grows with it and journalists have to find their ways to meet audience demands (Schultz & Scheffer, 2010). BobJordan, news director at WFTV in Orlando, Florida mentioned “I thought the social networking sites were strictly a phenomenon of teenagers and young kids but it's now the primary way a lot of people communicate, share, and obtain information. Not to be in that space would be just the dumbest thing anyone could do, if you're in the communications business” (Schultz & Scheffer, 2010).

How isTwitter impacting on Sports Journalism?

Twitter can be an important tool for headlines and shorts leads. It can also be useful to collect the opinion of users in a fast and free service; this can also allow more engagement in the subject. In many cases, Twitter can be a platform for media houses to attract page views on their own websites by posting headlines and follow-up hyperlinks so that userscan have full access to news (Schultz & Scheffer, 2010).
Sometimes, media houses don’t even need to do this as journalists have their own Twitter accounts and can publicise their work independently via Twitter, this will increase the journalist’s number of followers and subsequently a greater audience.
Solis suggested that Twitter was a powerful tool to broadcast news and stories and...
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