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IP Router VSAT

• High performance broadband IP VSAT • Embedded TCP & HTTP acceleration • Embedded VPN acceleration • QoS support for all traffic, enabling prioritization and fairness • Supports wide range of IP applications such as Internet/Intranet, transactional traffic, VoIP, IP multicast, video conferencing


IP Router VSAT
The SkyEdge™ IP is a compact design, two-way VSAT enabling interactive Broadband IP and multicasting to one or all of your business locations. With DVB standards and extensive IP capabilities, the VSAT is ideal where extremely fast throughput for multimedia applications, large file delivery and extremely rapid access to the Web are required.

availability, the SkyEdge IP can provide automatic failover via a serial interface to a dial backup modem.

Value-Added Capabilities
The SkyEdge IP is the satellite solution for Internet access, incorporating embedded functionality for better performance and simpler operations. Embedded TCP and HTTP acceleration technologies provide high-speed connectivity and heightened user experience. Embedded VPN capabilities offer the same high quality for private networks. Embedded encryption guarantees secure business communications. End-to-end QoS, vital for running a cost effective IP network, is simple with the flexible bandwidth access features. Managing bandwidth on a per user or per application basis, SkyEdge IP provides tiered services, access to bandwidth and enables CIR guarantees. For operational efficiency, SkyEdge IP has a Web interface that improves remote maintenance of VSATs. Firmware, including all embedded functionality, is easily managed, fully controlled and updated from the central NMS.

Full Strength Broadband IP
SkyEdge IP delivers advanced IP services supporting a wide range of applications including Internet, VoIP, digital signage, video conferencing, data access and VPNs. It is the perfect answer for IP services and customers of all types,


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