Technology in schools

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Technology in schools
Recently some schools were affected by the development of technology: old books and manuals were replaced by new portablecomputers.
This new relationship between technology and education has proved that has a lot of good aspects like: students who use technology develop technicalskills that are important for the success on their careers; with the PC students don’t need to hold the weight of books; this technology helps teachersimprove their classes; a development that brings advanced classes and digital information to every kind of students.
In my opinion the use of technologyin schools it’s good for both: teacher and students; however, in some countries, like Portugal, this is a project that will take some time until everyprivate and public schools have the necessary money to buy the essential material to have a technological school.
Finally, my dream had come true!
Well,what can I say? I have a lovely family: my beautiful husband, John, and my cute four children (5 years-old twins, Thomas and Clara, 16 years old, Peterand 2 years old Caroline). We live in Barcelona (I love that city: lots of people, shops and movement on the streets) in a beautiful house near “SagradaFamilia”. We have a house in Miami Beach and we go there every summer, as well as we make a trip to different countries every New Year’s eve. I work in afamily business that is a Hotel Corporation named “Hamilton” (that’s why we travel a lot).
I just have to say that I am very happy with my life.
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