Sports - teenagers

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Sports - Teenagers
In general, people believe that doing sports is good for health of young people. So, are increasingly parents who invest in sport as a form of leisure time of their children, because they recognize that this leads to a set, of values and virtues.
However, some researchers in this area call into question the benefits of sport, or do both Sports can be good, as can be bad, depends mainly on the experience for the young. That means not just put them to attend a sporting activity that they enjoy this same practice. The quality of the practice is most important.
Some benefits of sport:
Exercise tolerance, in whatever age is, you can bring a range of benefits, not only physical, psychological and social as.
The physical level is known that sport helps in combating obesity, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, strengthens muscles, bones and joints.
The psychic level raises self-esteem of practitioners, as this develops a set of skills that previously owned and improves your physical appearance, thus having a better self-image.
At the social level, the Sport is assumed as a privileged place to conduct social ties of friendship, allowing the sharing of feelings and giving the individual a sense of belonging to a group.
In Portugal the top five of the most practiced sports is:
• Football, with about 45.8%
Football is a team sport played between two teams. It is the most popular sport in the world, is played on a rectangular field of grass, with a goal on each side of the field. The team that scores the most goals is the winner.
• Swimming with about 11.7%
Swimming is the ability of humans and other animals to move through movements performed in liquid medium, usually without artificial help.
• Basketball, with about 6.5%
Basketball is played by two teams of five players, who aim to pass the ball in a basket placed on one side of the field, whether in a gym or outdoors.
• Cycling, with about 4.8%
Cycling is a sport of bicycle racing


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