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Across the globe, there are a significant number of religions. Many people follow their own beliefs and traditions. Recently, a new religion hás been discovered. On June 16th 2012, Herculiano Destrong founded the religion of Fitianity in Greece. He is a famous fitness instructor in Greece and created Fitianity because he believes that everyone should be in shape and healthy. Herculiano Destrong is disgusted when he sees obese people walking around eating unhealthy foods. Herculiano was inspired to create Fitianity by the spirit of Samson, the strongest man in the Bible. Herculiano decided to write the Book of the Fit, which consisted of the 10 Commandments of Fitianity. The first commandment stated that no person can have over three pounds of fat. In the second commandment, it was decided that everyone must go to the gym at least six times a week. The gym is considered to be a holy place of exercise. People worship the spirit of Samson while they are working out. The third commandment ruled that there is absolutley no soda consumption. Soda is considered to be an alcoholic beverage in the religion of Fitianity. In the fourth commandment, people are not allowed to eat any kind of unhealthy food. It is forbidden to go to a fast food restaraunt. The fifth commandment states that all member of Fitianity must run 50 miles a week. In the sixth commandment, television and vídeo games are not allowed. The seventh and last commandment states that if any individual dies fat, he or she will go to hell. All these rules must be followed by members of Fitianity. Furthermore, people who practice Fitianity partake in traditions and ritual. One important ritual is practiced every Sunday. It is called Survival of the Fittest. Sunday is a day devoted to sports competitions. The contests start at eight in the morning and do not end until ten at night. Throughout the day, everyone who practices Fitianity must come for the whole entire day and partake in the Sporting


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