Social networks and their influence in society

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Social networks and their influence in society

The fact is that social networks are present in our day to day. But, after all, how far can they influence society? Can you get a sense of hisstrength? Are these just simple applications that allow the exchange of ideas and photos, chat, where you search for friends and classmates and organizes meetings, encouraging relationships? They allowa new way of participation in society, with interesting applications that support and facilitate relationships with intense and diverse participation, changes in the world’s eyes, but in a minimumamount of time, very quickly, in a just click.

How many times a day we hear of social networks, it isn’t? They talk about the latest news and applications to be released on ways to use, itsinteraction with cell phones and even with home TV. It's all know the power of these networks, they are here to stay and they also influences (a lot!) Society.

The new generation starts life typing andexperiencing a fast and instantaneous world, with exchanges of information at every moment, living with a huge amount of information. They know how social networks are important in their day-to-day. Theyhave it all, the exchange of information and opinions to the alumni meetings, providing pictures, tips of all kinds and even proposals for dating and employment. Many claim to be another internet fad,and generally speaking, those who are older say that is “kid´s things ." But it’s clear that none of this is not


Some important world events have had an intense participation of socialnetworks and part of the solution was derived from the performances in them.

An example? Let the case of the tragedy in the mountain region of Rio de Janeiro. Gradually, communities and groups haveemerged on Orkut, Facebook and Twitter profiles. The company proved to be mature, caring, participatory,able with public agencies getting along great achievements for the communities, streamlined...
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