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$16 Per Hour SNG Blueprint – Part #1
The SNG Planet Guide To Building Your Poker Bankroll
Planet Mark’s Course Intro: “Welcome to the $16 per hour SNG Blueprint, in just 12 days I will teach you a straight-forward system of playing online poker which can be used to build up your bankroll by $16+ per hour. I strongly believe that anyone with average or better intelligence, a little disciplineand willingness to move around to find the weakest (most profitable) games can quickly beat the $16 per hour in my headline… What this depends on is your willingness to understand and implement the concepts – and a focus on finding the most profitable games. This 4-part course will focus on single-table SNG tournaments. It starts by giving you a solid understanding of where your profits come from –and then outlines how you can best adjust to benefit. We will gradually increase both the number of games you are comfortable playing simultaneously and the buy-ins levels that you play. At the same time we will sharpen your game with strategy insights that improve your returns from each stage of the game. Remember, poker is about more just how you play the cards you are dealt – the mostprofitable players are those who take the time to find the games where their edge is greatest!” Good Luck At The Tables, Mark
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$16 / Hr SNG Blueprint – List Of Contents
1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 12 Days From Now… Where You Can Be After Completing This Course SNGs Introduction, Why These Games Are Great For Building A Bankroll Bankroll Management, ROI Definition And The Effects Of VarianceStarting Bankroll, Get Off To A Flying Start By Finding The Most Profitable Games Multi-Tabling, Introducing Hourly Rates + Strategy Changes Strategy Introduction, Starting Hands And Position Strategy Introduction, Objectives, Stages And Stack Sizes Strategy Insights, Early Stages Strategy Tips For Multi-Tablers Strategy Insights, Mid-Stages Strategy Tips For Multi-Tablers Strategy Insights, TheBubble, Equity And Aggression! Strategy Insights, In The Money + Heads-Up Play Summing It Up – Key Take Away Points And Tasks For The Next 3 Days!


Chapter #1 – 12 Days From Now Where Will You Be After Completing This Course
With the skills and knowledge to earn an average of $16 per hour (or more!) from the tables your bankroll could be starting to grow very fat indeed after completingthis course. Let me be more specific, by introducing the main concepts. I expect that in 12 days from now you be logging on to a poker site which features significantly softer (more profitable) games than you are used to (see below for more on this important aspect), firing up 6 to 8 turbo SNG tournaments, while following our simple guidelines to avoid having too many multitabling opponents. Youwill be making many fairly ‘automatic’ decisions, based on a clearly defined strategy designed to minimize difficult decisions – without leaving too much ‘value’ on the table. You will be cashing and winning at a rate which sees their bankroll move up and up and up with more games played. Busting out will not be a problem, you’ll simply fire up more games – focusing on the ‘bubble’ where the skillsand knowledge to take advantage of opponents mistakes can be used to again and again. In 12 days you will have the tools to grow your poker bankroll at will. Whether your objective is to move to the high-stakes tournaments, transition over to cash games or even just to generate some useful extra money for non-poker uses – you’ll always have the ability to come back for more. I have broken the...
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