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1) Arrange these words to make sentences or questions.
1. go never almost I bicycling
I almost never go bicycling.
2. play they hardly ever soccer
They hardly ever play soccer.

3. go often jogging you how do
How often do you go jogging?

4. yoga Saturday often we on do mornings
We often do yoga on Saturday mornings.

5. ever Paul do does aerobics
Do Paul ever does aerobics?

6. doon you what usually Mondays do
What do you usually do on Monday?

2) Write the correct prepositions in the correct places.
Jerry: I always go jogging at 7:00.
Susan: I usually go jogging around noon.
I jog about for an hour.
Jerry: And do you also play sports in your free time?
Susan: No, I usually go out with my classmates.
Jerry: I go to the gym on Mondays and Wednesdays.
Andsometimes I go bicycling on weekends.

3) Use these questions to complete the conversations.
How often do you …? Do you ever ….? What do you usually …?
1. A: Do you exercise?
B: Yes, I often exercise on weekends.
2. A: How often do you exercise?
B: I usually do weigh training on Saturdays and karate on Sundays.
3. A: Do you ever go to the gym after work?
B: No, I never go to the gym afterwork.
4. A: Do you exercise very often at all?
B: I don’t exercise very often at all.
5. A: Do you play sports? How often do you play sports?
B: Yes, I sometimes play sports on weekends.
6. A: What sport do you usually play in your free time?
B: I usually play soccer in my free time

4) Write questions using how.
1. A: How long do you spend exercising?
B: I don’t spend any time at all.In fact, I don’t exercise.
2. A: How often do you go for a walk?
B: Almost every day. I really enjoy it.
3. A: How much time do you spend jogging?
B: I spend about an hour jogging.
4. A: How are you at soccer?
B: I’m pretty good at it. I’m on the school team.
5. A: How are you at basketball?
B: Basketball? Pretty well, I guess. I like it a lot.

5) Read about Anna’s week. Match thesentences that have a similar meaning.
1. He was broke last week . __f___
2. He worked around the house. (e)
3. He didn’t work on Friday. (d)
4. He didn’t wash the clothes. (b)
5. He invited friends for lunch. (a)
6. He had a lot of fun. (c)
a. He had people over.
b. He didn’t do the laundry.
c. He had a good time.
d. He took a day off.
e. He did housework.
f. He spent all his money.

6)Rewrite these sentences. Find another way to say each sentence using the words given:
2. Tom doesn't exercise very often.
3. Philip tries stay in shape.
4. Jill works out at the gym.
5. I always go jogging with my wife.
6. How good are you playing tennis?

7) Complete the questions in this conversation.
A: How much time did you spend on the weekend?
B: I spent the weekend with Tedand Suzan.
A: What did you do on Saturday?
B: Well, on Saturday, we went shopping.
A: And did you do something in the evening?
B: No, nothing special.
A: Where did you go on Sunday?
B: We went to the amusement park.
A: Did you have a great time? How long did you stay there?
B: We had a great time. In fact we stayed there all day.
A: Really? What time did you go home?
B: We got home verylate, around midnight.

8) Complete this conversation with was, wasn’t, were or weren’t.
A: How was your vacation in Peru, Beth?
B: It was great. I really enjoyed it.
A: How long were you there?
B: We were there for three weeks.
A: Were you in Lima all the time?
B: No, we weren’t. We were in the mountains for a few days.
A: And how was the weather? Was it nice?
B: No, it wasn’t nice atall. The city was very hot, and the mountains was really cold.

9) What do you think about sports? Answer these questions:

1. Do you like to exercise for a short time or a long time?
I like exercise for a long time.
2. Do you prefer exercising in the morning or in the evening?
I prefer exercising in the evening.
3. Which do you like better, walking or jogging?
I think jogging is better....
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