Past continuos and simple past

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SIMPLE PRESENT x PRESENT CONTINUOUS (PROGRESSIVE)Fill in the spaces with the correct form of the verb in simple present tense or presentprogressive tense. |
Example: I (watch) watch a lot of movies. [Simple present tense]
Example: I (watch) am watching a movie now. [Present progressivetense]
Example: You / We / They (play) play games every day. [Simple present tense]
Example: You / We / they (play) are playing a game now.[Present progressive tense]
Example: He / She / It (eat) eats eggs for breakfast. [Simple present tense]
Example: He / She / It (eat) is eating anegg now. [Present progressive tense]

1) Right now I (watch) was watching a movie. I (watch) watch a lot of
2) Rickie (be) is myfriend. We (like) likes to talk together. Right now we
(talk) are talking about school.
3) The police officer (wear) wears a badge and a gun to workevery day.
4) Jaime usually (eat) eats cold cereal for breakfast, but today
he (eat) is eating oatmeal instead.
5) Alison and I (study) amstudying for the exam. We (not, want) are
Doesn’t want to fail it!
6) Jonas (sing) sings in the band on Saturdays, and Veda (play) plays
7) My uncle (live) lives in Tennessee. I (live) live in North Carolina.
8) My mom (cook) is cooking dinner tonight. (You, want) Are you wantto eat with us?
9) Tiffany and Mark (travel) Are travel to Spain. They will stay in Madrid.
10) We (read) read the newspaper every morning.
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