Passive voice & wish clause

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A) Are the sentences written in Active or Passive voice?

1) The bus driver was hurt.  
2) Bingo is played in Britain.
3) They often read e-mail

B) Rewrite the sentences in Passivevoice.

Example: The students wrote letters. 

Letters were written by the students.

1) The teacher closes the window.______________________________________________________________________________________

2) Frank takes photos.


3) Levi Strauss invented the blue jeans.______________________________________________________________________________________

C) Rewrite the sentences in Active voice.
Example: Letters were written by the students. 
The students wroteletters.

1) The club was founded by Ron and Peggy.
2) The child was hit by a car.______________________________________________________________________________________
The president was elected by the people. .
______________________________________________________________________________________Wish Clauses

1. We use WISH + SIMPLE PAST when we would like a situation in the presente to be different

" I wish it was 5:00.

"I wish I could afford to go by plane."

"Shewishes she weren´t so short."

2. We use WISH + PAST CONTINUOUS to express that we would like to be doing a different action in the present.

" I wish I was watching cartoons athome.".

"I wish we weren´t going home."

"They wish weren´t working at the moment.

3. We use WISH + WOULD+INFINITIVE to complain about a present situation that we want to see changed as soon aspossible

" I wish that little girl would stop crying.

"I wish you wouldn´t be late all the time.

"I wish the sun would go down fast."

“WISH I WERE..” or “WISH I WAS...”?
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