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orge Leal Amado de Faria (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈʒɔʁʒi lɛˈaw ɐˈmadu dʒi fɐˈɾi.ɐ], August 10, 1912 — August 6, 2001) was a Brazilian writer of the Modernist school. He was the best-known ofmodern Brazilian writers, his work having been translated into some 49 languages and popularized in film, notably Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands in 1978. His work reflects the image of a mestizo Brazil andis marked by religious syncretism. A cheerful and optimistic country and at the same time, with deep social and economic differences.He occupied the 23rd chair of the Brazilian Academy ofLetters from 1961 until his death in 2001. Contents  [hide]  * 1 Biography * 2 Works * 3 References * 4 External links |
[edit]BiographyAmado was bornin a fazenda ("farm") in the inland of the city of Itabuna, in the southern part of the Brazilian state of Bahia, son of João Amado de Faria and D. Eulália Leal. The farm Amado was born in wasprecisely located on the village of Ferradas, which though today is a district of Itabuna, at the time was administered by the town of Ilhéus. That is why he considered himself a citizen of Ilhéus. In thelarge cocoa plantation, Amado knew the misery and the struggles of the people working the earth, living in almost slave conditions, which were to be a theme always present in his later works (forexample, the notable The Violent Land of 1944).When he was only one year old, his family moved to Ilhéus, a coastal city, where he spent his childhood. He attended high school in Salvador, the capital of thestate. During that period Amado began to collaborate with several magazines and took part in literary life, as one of the founders of the Modernist "Rebels' Academy".Amado published his firstnovel, The Country of Carnival, in 1931, at age 18. Later he married Matilde Garcia Rosa and had a daughter, Lila, in 1933. The same year he published his second novel, Cacau, which increased his...
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