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Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO)
Solubility Data
Bulletin # 102B
DMSO, one of the strongest organic solvents, has been used commercially for over forty years. It is an effective solvent for a wide array of organic materials, including many polymers. DMSO also dissolves many inorganic salts, particularly transition metals nitrates, cyanides and dichromates. DMSO is miscible with water and most organic liquids.
This bulletin summarizes solubility of the following materials in DMSO:
Organics (pages 2-3)
Active pharmaceutical Ingredients (pages 4-6)
Resins and polymers (pages 8-10)
Inorganics (pages 10-11)
Gases (page 12)
Pharmaceutical Excipient Solubility Data (pages 16-17)

Oct 2007
Gaylord Chemical Company,
L.L.C. (GCC) is the world’s leading provider of Dimethyl
Sulfoxide (DMSO) solutions.
Beginning in the early
1960’s ,GCC has been dedicated to the development of new uses for DMSO. In order to meet customer-specific needs, GCC has pioneered the development of multiple grades of DMSO, including DMSO USP.

Gaylord Chemical’s solutionsbased approach has contributed to the development and growth of
New! DMSO Gel Preparation Data (pages 18-19) industries including pharmaceuticals, hydrocarbons, electronics, polymers, coatings,
Data related to the solvent properties of DMSO are given in tables on the following agricultural chemicals, and pages: industrial cleaners.
Relative Hansen Solubility Parameter Data (page 12)
Gaylord Chemical’s headquarters
Suggested DMSO Formulations for Industrial Solvent Replacement (page 14) are located in Slidell, Louisiana
Hansen Solubility Parameter Data for Selected Polymers (page 14) with manufacturing, research,
Solubility of Selected Polymers in DMSO / Tetralin mixtures (pages 14-15) and development facilities in
Solubility of Selected Polymers in DMSO / MIBK mixtures (page 15) nearby Bogalusa, Louisiana.
Appendix: Using Three Component Solubility Parameter Methodology in


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