Conduct marketing audit

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BSBMKG515A Conduct a marketing audit
Lecture 1


Unit of competency


This unit describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to prepare for, conduct and report on a marketing audit in accordance with an organisation's marketing plan. No licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of endorsement.

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Prepare for a marketing audit Identify the form of a marketing audit Conduct an external marketing audit Conduct an internal marketing (self) audit Prepare a marketing audit report

Learning resources
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IBSA student workbook Monger, B, 2007. Marketing in Black and White, Pearson Education, Australia. Kotler, P, Brown, Adam, Burton, Armstrong, 2004,Marketing, Pearson Education, Australia. Lecture notes


Learning goals

At the end of the session students will be able to understand:
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Identify main purposes of the marketing audit in accordance with organisational requirements Determine scope of the marketing audit and audit methodology in accordance with organisational requirements Determine appropriate times whena marketing audit should be undertaken, in accordance with organisational requirements Identify participants likely to be involved in carrying out a marketing audit


Refresh our understanding
 What

is marketing?


Marketing planning
Marketing planning is the process of assessing opportunities and resources, determining objectives, defining strategies and establishingguidelines for the implementation and control of the marketing program. Outcome: Marketing plan


Marketing plan

Marketing plan is a document that outlines and explains all the activities needed to implement marketing strategies. Function: internal communication, distribution of tasks and responsibilities, and allocation of resources.


Business plan

A business plan is aformal statement of goals and objectives, and the proposed actions for reaching those goals. Goals: short term and long term. A business plan addresses the organisation as a whole.

Marketing plan is the marketing input into the business plan.

A marketing plan should contain

Executive summary

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Situational analysis
SWOT analysis Marketing objectivesMarketing strategies
Marketing implementation and control

Marketing audit

Now the company has got a plan. The next step is to implement it. But this is not the end. Why do companies do marketing audit?


Marketing audit

The marketing audit is a structured review of the current marketing activities in an organisation. A marketing audit is a comprehensive appraisal ofthe organisation’s marketing activities and involves a systematic assessment of marketing plans, objectives, strategies, programs, activities, organisational structure and personnel. (Monger, B,


So why companies do marketing audit?

Marketing plan is a “live” document.

The environment is a constant change.


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Key assumptions underpinning theplan may have some errors. Execution may have some errors.

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For future planning. Useful in good times and necessary in bad times.

Criteria for a good marketing audit

Systematic: It follows a logical, predetermined framework – an orderly sequence of diagnostic steps. Its goal is an action plan. Comprehensive: All factors affecting marketing performance must be considered, notjust obvious trouble spots. Independent: It is essential to have an objective auditor, and outside consultants are often employed to conduct the marketing audit. Periodic: Many organisations schedule regular marketing audits because marketing operates in a dynamic environment.
Source: Monger, B, 2007


Marketing performance

Marketing plan is delivered to achieve the...
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