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Sustainable Development Report




Sustainable Development Report 2009
With our Sustainable Development Report we would like to give our stakeholders a transparent and comprehensive description of the economic, ecological and social challenges that are linked to our operations and show them the strategies and solutions that we are applying to meet them.

This publication is aimed at business partners, employees, stockholders, non-governmental organizations, suppliers, authorities and the general public. The concerns of our stakeholders form the basis of our reporting and our sustainability strategy, which we updated in 2009. With this strategy we set the focus of our sustainability commitment on health care, security of food supply and climate and resource protection. These are the areas in which we can provide the most efficient and effective approaches as they reflect our fields of expertise. At the same time they have a high social relevance to our company. We feature detailed information on the Bayer sustainability strategy and its new areas of focus in the “Strategy & Management” section and in the focus issue articles. You can find up-to-date information on the subject of water featured as a focus issue last year in the “Ecology” section. Our Performance Report gives an overview of all other facts and figures that are relevant to sustainability management in the Group, allowing the reader quick and easy access to data on our Group-wide sustainability performance. In this Sustainable Development Report we have endeavored to ensure maximum transparency, clarity of layout and ease of verification. The statements pro-

vided here apply to all sites and activities of the Bayer Group. All data in the focus issue articles and in the Performance Report were subjected to an assurance process by Ernst & Young (see page 113). The report is published in German, English and Spanish. The editorial deadline was April 30,


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