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Daily Life
I had a hectic day yesterday. The alarm clock didn’t go off in the morning, and I overslept. I had to shave in a hurry and got several nicks, which started bleeding. I had thought theblade was blunt, but it was still very sharp.
I wanted to wear my old brown shoes because they are very comfortable, but I couldn’t pull the frazzled ends of the shoe-lace through the small holes, soI decided to wear my boots instead, though they squeak a lot, and sometimes pinch me. Ten minutes later you could see me limping along the street, wondering whe ther I had a pebble or one of my son’smarbles inside one of my boots. I sat on the curb, to shake it out. I was afraid I might sprain my ankle, as I limped along.
As I was sitting on the curb, it started drizzling. I tried to unfurl myumbrella, and put it up,but it was furled so tight I had to give up. Later on I found out that one of my daughters had put some glue between the folds.
By the time I reached the bus-stop, a fewblocks up the street, I was soaking wet and you guessed it, if you thought I caught a cold. Thebus was so crowded I felt like a canned sardine, and when I finally managed to get off, after pushingeverybody around, my coat was awfully crumpled and two buttons on it were missing.
When I was going through the revolving door in the building where I work, a young man rushed through it ahead of me andsent me sprawling on the floor. I made a fine sight, lying there with my umbrella beside me, and my glasses on the tip of my nose!
I finally managed to stand up and walk towards the elevator. I ditchedmy cigarette in the sand-bucket, only to find out that the elevator was out of order, and I needn’t have thrown my cigarette away, after all. I ran up three flights of stairs, and then stopped on thelanding, breathless. It was rather dark and as I started climbing the next flight of stairs, after a while, I slipped on a banana skin some lousy fool had dropped there, and spun down like a top. I...
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