Christopher Columbus

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You studied at school that Christopher Columbus, a Genoese, discovered America on October 12 1492, a sailing with three ships called Santa Maria, Pinta and Nina. You know that ne sailed under Spanish flag, and that Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand were his patrons. And you also learned he made four trips to the New World.

But did you Know:

-that Columbus was of a Spanish-Jewish family? And that he didn’t like Genoa?
-that he discovered America by profecy and not by astronomy or geography?
-that he concluded that the world was round by reading the Bible, especially Isaiah 11:10-12 and was close to Jerusalem?
-that Jerusalem needed to be freed and that he was the man to free Jerusalem;
-that he thought he found the river Ganges?
-that Columbus was good admiral but a bad governor; that he frequently disobeyed the orders of King Ferdinand;
-that hundreds of men (Spanish and Indians) were killed on his orders?
-that he took almost one thousand slaves among the Indians and sent them to Spain?
-that on his third voyage, he almost reached the Amazon?
-that he was very white, tall and red-haired, and that his thougts and writings often came close to insanity?


Você estudou na escola que Cristóvão Colombo, um genovês, descobriu a América em 12 de Outubro de 1492, um navio com tres velas, chamados Santa Maria, Pinta e Nina. Você sabe que ne navegava sob bandeira espanhola, e que a rainha Isabel eo rei Ferdinand eram seus clientes. E você também soube que ele fez quatro viagens ao Novo Mundo.

Mas você sabia que:

- que Colombo era de uma família hispano- judeu? E que ele não gostava de Génova?
, que ele descobriu a América por Profecia e não pela astronomia ou geografia?
- que ele concluiu que o mundo era redondo, lendo a Bíblia, especialmente Isaías 11:10-12 e estava perto de Jerusalém?
- que Jerusalém precisava ser libertado e que ele era o homem para libertar Jerusalém, - que ele pensou ter


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