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New products from market research
1. Market research inform businesses about the things consumers need, how best to design products, and how to advertise those products to consumers.What consumers are thinking today, and what might want in the future. Reduces the risks for any new product development (NPD). Competitive advantage.

2. Primary research_Research gatheredfirst-hand to answer questions that are specific to the project, is a reliable source of information, directly from the consumer and specifically designed (street interviews, questionnaire…).
Qualitativeresearch: Opinions, feelings and attitudes.
Quantitative research: Numerical.

Secondary research_ Sources of secondary data include books, journals, internet and government statistics. Quickerand less expensive.

3. Both types of data are valuable in understanding what consumers want or need.

4. An enterprise like Kellogg’s in the advertisement and commercial life need to bestrong and use tactics like qualitative and quantitative research, to understand and satisfied is clients and of course with this earn more founds from the company. Being sustainable and rentable.Market research_Fill the gaps
Market research is the process of finding out about the needs of consumers and the activities of competitors. There are two types of market research. Primary researchinvolves collecting new data whereas secondary research finds existing data. The benefits of primary research are that it is reliable, up-to-date and relevant to the requirements of the business, howeverit is expensive and time consuming.
It can also give a business a competitive advantage because its rivals have not seen it. Secondary research is usually quicker and cheaper to carry out but it maynot be specifically about the organization or its products. Examples of primary research methods include questionnaires and focus groups. Secondary data may be collected from government publications...
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