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That's what media do: create ways to comunicate with people, showing their thoughts, values and products using television, magazines, Internet. It's worlwide,if you go to another country like Brazil you will see advertises inmagazine,internet,television just like in New Zealand,the media is the same but at the same time is diferent, every each country has a particular media that makes sense to the population of country . We all want to comunicate and express and that's why media is so important to us.
One of the consequences of modern world is that media became acessful and at the same times a standard to our behaviour. In other words, thedevelopment of technology let us to share our thoughts in mass media but at the same time creates a common sense.As times goes this common sense created by media becomes a identify, they choose a certain aspect of a society and overrepresents in advertises, films and then becomes something usual.
But why they do it? Choose a common point to a society and repeats over again creating apart of indetity . One example of this process is The kiwi media that frequently use things that kiwi people know and then keep them closer. When media create a indentity they represents the society in the best way,they represent the character happy and often doing something good just to show that the product that they are adverstising is good .
So the representation of kiwi indetitycreated by media is based on cultural points that every kiwi person know ,,the image created is positive because people can really understand the advertise and feel the necessity to have the product.
A identitiy created by the media it’s not only important to attract the client and make them comfortable. Showing well-known things can be bigger than just to conquer and please . Aboarding this thingscan create stereotypes and more than a indetity.As times goes by more common points are aboarded and with this came the society,the kiwi society have become more representative in media texts and photographs.
Using common points in media can create more than a good representation for products or facts and even more than a identity. First a indentity is created,everybody in the society knows whatis about and represents their routine,after this new generations born and the indetity created by a advertising still there and then becomes a part of society.
The kiwi society is based on cultural points like what kiwi people do,what kiwi people like and their routine and one of the agents to created the image of kiwi society is media with these common points that with years becomestrong points in kiwi indetity.
To prove that media create an indentity to sell things and to approach the costumer that later will be come part of a society culture I analised some media texts like adverstises.
One of adverstises that I found is from McDonalds,the most famous fastfood in the world.So how one of the most famous brands in the world can create kiwi identity.They created aspecial product just for kiwi people,the kiwi burguer is a burguer created based on points of kiwi cultural such as Watties beetroot, Mainland cheese and an egg from Farmer Brown(kiwi famous ingredients).The ideia of the burguer was show to kiwi people that even worlwiide brands can think particularly in a local cultural and to people know the product they created a advertise exploring famousthings in New Zealand.
The add from Mc Donalds is a perfect example for what Mass Media is doing and how they are creating an indentity,the song of the add is ‘"Kiwis love Hot pools, Rugby balls, McDonald's, Snapper schools, World peace, Woolly fleece, Ronald and Raising beasts. Chilly bins, Cricket wins, Fast skis, Golf tees, Silver ferns, Kauri trees, Kiwi Burger love one please... Mcdonald's...
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