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Mitchel Adam Lambert (Been born in 29th of January of 1982) is a singer, composer, and actor of Los Angeles, California. In May of 2009 it famous program "American Idol finished the second Placed eighth in the season it. Lambert is working in STI debut of record, with date of launching foreseen for the 24th of November of 2009. 

Adam was born in Indianapolis, Indiana, But one year is RanchoPenasquitos was changed, north-eastern of San Diego later. Schools attended the Deer Canyon Elementary School, Middle School Green Table, and TM. Caramel High School, Where It participated of parts of theater, the choir and a band of Jazz. 

Adam is Jewish and sang in Hebrew During Jewish events, interpreting the musics Shir Lashalom. It Appeared to the Temple of the Arts in San Diego and recitedthe Kol Nidre in the Jewish holiday of the Yom Kippur. Lambert Also participated in the The Ten Commandments: The Musical, the Joshua, music singing Is Anybody Listening? (Emtre others), getting excellent critical. 

Adam Lambert is an actor of the stage since the age of ten years. It interpreted the paper of Joshua in the comedy musical The Ten Commandments: The Musical, staged in the KodakTheatre, to the side of Val Kilmer, and was one of the few actors of the critical part That Got positive. 

Also it worked the substitute for the paper of Fiyero During the American tour of 2006 of the Wicked musical comedy. In 2004, it started to act in the Zodiac Show, one show is co-servant Carmit Bachar of the Pussycat Dolls. It Also acted in the Upright Cabaret Until 2008 ends. 

Lambertparticipated in the hearing for the eighth season of American Idol in San Francisco, California. In ITS first hearing it sang Rock With You and Bohemian Rhapsody. In the semifinals it was voted for Top 13, together with ITS Iraheta friends Allison and Kris Allen. Adam and Kris HAD Been roommates in the Mansion of the Idols, Increasing still more the friendship of Them. 

During the Week MichaelJackson, Adam sang all Black or White pleasing the jury.Paula Abdul Affirmed That it would go to Be in the ends. 

Following in the week Adam sang a Sufficiently different version of the original of Ring of Fire. While Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi, and Abdul liked HAD ITS presentation, Simon Cowell called it "indulgent garbage." 

In the Night Motown, Lambert sang the acoustics version ofThe Tracks of My Tears.All the jury HAD liked, and Smokey Robinson - the mentor of That week, interpreter and composer of original music - Gave to one standing ovation for Adam. 

In the presentation of Top 8, Lambert sang the version of 2001 of Gary Jules Mad World of music. The program exceeded Already HAD ITS team air commented only Simon and presentation, giving to it only saved one ofapplauses of foot. To the night of the results of That week, all the jury HAD HAD AGREED That the applauses the best critical Been One That Could Have Adam received. 

In the second presentation to the Top 7, Adam sang If I Can not Have You, achieving what Kara has described as "the presentation more memorable," as Simon described his notes as "pristine." Abdul was reduced to tears, and presenter RyanSeacrest joked that Lambert made the oath in a pool of Abdul (Abdul pool). 

In the Top 4, Lambert was the first to sing with the song Whole Lotta Love. Cowell commented, "It was one of my favorite performances, none can overcome it now."Abdul, with the ironic title of the song, described Lambert as the presentation of "Whole Lotta Perfect" (absolutely perfect). 

In the Top 3, the contestantsvisited your city 'home' and Adam chose to present himself in his school Secondary School, Mt Caramel High School. There he sang Black or White and Mad World. After his performance, the Mayor / Mayor of San Diego, Jerry Sanders, said on May 8 as Adam Lambert Day 

The same night, Allison Iraheta took the stage for a duet with Adam Slow Ride. Randy suggested they do a duet on their solo...
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