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Upgrading to Symantec Backup Exec™ 2012
How to upgrade to Backup Exec 2012 in three simple steps
Fact Sheet: Backup and Disaster Recovery
Existing customers with a valid technical support contractExisting customers valid 1. Receive notification email notification If you are an existing Symantec Backup Exec™ customer with a current technical support contract, you can upgrade your supportedBackup Exec licenses to the latest version of Backup Exec free of charge. As an existing customer with active maintenance, you will receive an upgrade notification email with a Symantec License File(SLF) attachment or a letter from Symantec if we do not have your email address. See example email below. 2. Go to FileConnect To download the latest version of Backup Exec, go to FileConnect at:https://fileconnect.symantec.com and enter your serial number. Your serial number can be found in your upgrade notification email. In the example email notification to the right, the serial number is circledin red. 3. Activate your product Activate After you have successfully downloaded Backup Exec 2012 from FileConnect, launch the Backup Exec installation wizard. On the Add Licenses panel, enter yourserial numbers or import your Symantec License Files. This will also activate the in-product licensing feature within Backup Exec. After Backup Exec 2012 is installed, you can install additional agentsand options from the Backup Exec user interface. Existing customers without support or with expired maintenance Upgrade to Backup Exec 2012 today and save up to 35 percent off MSRP. Learn more at:www.backupexec.com/save. Troubleshooting–get help roubleshooting–get Requesting your Backup Exec 2012 version upgrade notification If you did not receive your Backup Exec 2012 software version upgradenotification, please send an email to: license@symantec.com with the following subject line: ONLINE Backup Exec 2012 Version Upgrade Request. Exec Version Request.


Fact Sheet: Backup and...
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