William cobbett

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  • Publicado : 20 de dezembro de 2012
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What might Cobbett protest about today in relation to the Government?

Political Reformer and passionate radical, a man who fought for the eradication of labourers’s poverty.This may be presented as a short and straight to the point definition of William Cobbett, the British pamphleteer and journalist and, also, a farmer, who believed that reforming theParliament, was a solution to a country’s misery and greed.
In recent times, namely in Portugal, W. Cobbett would find, once again, this major and frightening society issue. It ismore as a cycle that keeps carrying on, with no end in sight. A society made up by a huge number of citizens that vote for a fair Government, which promises piles of re-structuringservices and actions and better life conditions and whose same promises are, at the end, not kept. As soon as politicians find themselves in power, they start to only taking care of whatconveys to them and forgetting all about the ones who put them in their “power chairs” – the poor. Instead of trying to relieve this unfortunate class, the Government increases thetaxes, cuts on allowances, making the poor even more poor, if it is possible, just to solve the national debt, as they say.
It is now time to take a serious decision. It is time togather you, all population, and say that it is enough. It is impossible to keep this miserable situation for further time. After all this period that ran along and the evidence thatthe Government is not capable of solving the financial and social problems, citizens must reunite and manifest their discontent. Depose the Government is the first strong step toreach a solution; voting consciously for a new Government, different from the deposed one is, also, extremely important. Brace yourselves for an astonishing change or a doomed fate.
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