What are paparazzi

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What are Paparazzi?


The Paparazzi Industry

ThePaparazzi Industry

The definition of "paparazzi" (plural) and "paparazzo" (singular):

A freelance photographer who doggedly pursues celebrities to take candid pictures for sale to magazines andnewspapers.

Paparazzi work alone or in teams and rarely for any one company. They make money by selling their photos and video of well-known people to publications around the world: The NationalEnquirer, The Globe, The Star, People, US Weekly, OK!, In Touch, Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, Access Hollywood, TMZ, Hollywood.TV, Splash, etc.

One photo or video clip is commonly soldrepeatedly to many different publications internationally which can be very lucrative. The rewards increase tremendously if the paparazzi are able to capture something unique regarding someone famous.The most unique shots of the most famous can make them millions. But "unique" here means not just "rare" but usually something that makes the celebrity look worse: a car accident, drinking too much,tripping and falling, looking overweight, getting angry, having a bad hair day, etc. Since the payoff can be huge, paparazzi teams work 24/7 on many top celebrities hoping to strike it rich capturingthat one "special" moment on film or video. One paparazzo did just that when he caught on videotape a famous actor crashing his car - he made $80,000 for eight seconds of tape.

Knowledge of acelebrity's whereabouts is vital to the paparazzi and to acquire it they need contacts, preferably on the inside (like a friend or assistant to a celebrity). Paparazzi commonly have financial arrangementsestablished with doormen, waiters, bar tenders, valet attendants, limo drivers, bouncers and others who are in a position to know the location of celebrities.

As one can then imagine, paparazzi...