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Inside this eBook:
Creative, inspirational, and manageable ideas for recognizing volunteers

Volunteer  Recognition
From A‐Z

Ways to say thanks without breaking the bank!

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VolunteerSpot Philosophy
At VolunteerSpot, we believe that volunteers should be rewarded for stepping forward and sharing their time and talents with those in need. All too often,volunteering means putting up with a certain amount of hassle or frustration – whether that is late night emails, reply-all messages, reminder phone calls, or searching for a parking space. Our sponsors enable us to provide FREE tools that simplify volunteering, powering your good work in schools and clubs, in your congregation and neighborhoods. We can’t find you a parking space, but withVolunteerSpot, DOING GOOD just got easier!

Please feel free to post this ebook on your blog or email it to whomever you believe would benefit from reading it. THANK YOU! ~ Team VolunteerSpot

© 2011, VolunteerSpot DOING GOOD Just Got Easier! Copyright holder is licensing this under the Creative Commons License, Attribution 2.5. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/

It’s Easy to Say Thanks!People volunteer because they want to help others and make a difference. It goes without saying, people always appreciate recognition for their services. Unfortunately, many organizations can’t afford the type of gratitude they feel their volunteers deserve. We have provided some creative ways to recognize volunteers for little or no cost. VolunteerSpot helps coordinate these events with our free,easy to use online scheduler and signup sheets. This e‐book includes fresh ideas from A‐Z on how to say “THANKS!” to volunteers who help your organization do good! We’ll also provide tips for using VolunteerSpot’s free online tool to organize your recognition event.

Volunteer Recognition A to Z / VolunteerSpot , DOING GOOD just got easier!

A Simple Note With aSmall Gift Goes a Long Way
Candle: "No one can hold a candle to you." Light Bulb Craft Card: "You light the way ‐‐ thanks for your glowing enthusiasm!" Permanent Marker: “Thanks for your lasting  and permanent contribution!"  Lucky Charms Cereal: "We're very LUCKY to  have you!" Gold Chocolate Coins: "Volunteers are worth their weight in gold"  Chocolate Mints/Peppermint Patties: "Your service is worth a mint to us!"Ruler/Tape Measure: "It's easy to measure the difference you make ‐‐ you're amazing!“ Group's Logo Hat: "Our hats are off to you! Thanks for all you do!"  Shirt: "We know you'd give the shirt off your back... so here's an extra one  for the next time you give your all."  Plant: "We grow luckier every day you're with us.“  
Volunteer Recognition A to Z / VolunteerSpot , DOING GOOD just got easier! B, C
Bars of Chocolate: Flat chocolate bars work best with 
personalized candy wrappers. You can make and print one off of your  computer, printer, plain paper, tape and scissors. Use your logo  and/or note/quote ( i.e. "thank you for your contributions”) Cut out  the wrappers and use tape to hold it in place. Give them out as  individual recognitions, or at group events. You can also order through various on‐line companies.

Customized Cookbooks: Collect recipes from each 
volunteer, a personal story about the recipe, if there is one, and  put them together into a booklet. Hand them out as gifts at the  next recognition event!

Contests: Enter your super‐star volunteers into local or national 
volunteer recognition contests. 
Volunteer Recognition A to Z / VolunteerSpot , DOINGGOOD just got easier!

D, E
Digital Photos: Designate 
someone to take photos of volunteers  “doing good” at various events and  functions throughout the year. Print a  digital photo of each volunteer inside a  card and write a hand written personal  note. What a great way to say thanks in  a very personal way!

Employer Thanks: Send a thank 
you note to the volunteer’s employer ...