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We've finished posting the frame data for all of the current playable characters in Street Fighter 4. A huge, huge shout out goes to Gilley for getting together this information.

If you'veever wondered how many frames of animation are in Ken's Shoryuken, how much damage it does and what you'll gain for Super Meter after pulling it off — these lists are for you.

Some of the datamight be a little cryptic, and this is really only recommended for advanced players, but we'll be working on a legend and an additional guide to help players better understand what all of this stuffmeans.
Frames Per Second
Street Fighter 4 runs at 60 frames of animation per second. The frame data for the characters shows how many frames of animation their moves take.
For example, Ryu's StandingHard Punch when done up close has a total of 38 frames of animation, which means it takes 38 of the 60 frames per second to execute the entire move.
This information is valuable because you can compareall of a character's moves to see which does the most damage, has the quickest recovery, etc.
How to read frame data
Here's what the text on the frame data pages means.
Move: The name of theattack you're using.
Startup: The number here represents how many frames of animation take place before this move is capable of hitting your opponent.
Active: Short for Active Frames. The number hereshows how many frames of animation a move is capable of hitting for. For example, Ryu's Standing Hard Punch when used up close has 7 active frames.
Recover: Short for Recovery Frames. This number showshow long it takes you to finish off the animation for a move before you can input another command.
Total: Total number of frames before the move's animation is complete and you can do another action.Frame Adv. Block: Short for Frame Advantage after Blocking. A number with a + before it means how many frames faster than your opponent you will recover if they block your attack. Negative numbers...
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