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No. 917

VEEGUM“, VANZAN“ and Other Natural Ingredients
Today’s consumers arefocused on the beneficial effects of topically applied plant and mineral extracts. Formulators are no less appreciative of the benefits that natural materials can bring to the control of the rheology, stability and aesthetics of their handiwork. These natural “thickeners” are sometimes overlooked in favor of the latest versions of synthesized, polymerized, quaternized or otherwise modernizedalternatives. Imaginative formulators, however, rely on natural clays and gums to sustain the appearance, application properties and skin feel that ensure consumer acceptance of the product. VEEGUM and VANZAN are natural rheology control additives that are particularly suited for use with botanical and mineral ingredients. VEEGUM (INCI Name: Magnesium Aluminum Silicate) is natural smectite clay thathas been waterwashed to optimize purity and performance. It is valued for its ability to tailor the rheological properties of aqueous compositions, and it is the formulator’s choice to stabilize suspensions, perfect emulsions, and to optimize flow properties and skin feel. These benefits are also present in synergistic combinations with organic gums, such as VANZAN xanthan gum, and polymericthickeners. VANZAN (INCI Name: Xanthan Gum) is a natural high molecular weight exocellular polysaccharide derived from Xanthomonas campestris using an aerobic fermentation process. Because of its protective function in nature, it is more resistant to shear, heat, bacterial, enzyme, and UV degradation than are most gums. VANZAN is soluble in hot or cold water, and gives thick, neutral pH, pseudoplasticsolutions with emulsion and suspension stabilizing properties. These solutions provide viscosity stability at temperature extremes, as well as over the pH 2 to pH 12 range. Of the organic gums, xanthan gum is among the most tolerant of electrolytes, acids and bases, and it has a unique ability to thicken glycerin. VANZAN is compatible with most nonionic and anionic gums, and features usefulsynergism with VEEGUM. HYDRATING VEEGUM PRODUCTS VEEGUM products must be properly dispersed in water to achieve their best performance. No other materials, especially preservatives, should be present in the water, because they can interfere with proper hydration and colloidal structure formation. The degree of clay hydration is directly proportional to the amount of energy used to disperse the product....
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