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Using Acrobat™ Reader and the AMP SelectionGuide.pdf
The guide will load to the first page. This first page is the Table of Contents listing thesections of the Guide. The section to the left is a clickable index that takes you to the different sections of the guide, including the indexes which gointo more detail of each section. You may also click on the black bars which signify a section number index. These also take you to the first page of eachsection index.

There are two ways in which you can page through the guide. On the top of the Acrobat™ Reader software, there is a menu bar which youcan use to page through the document page by page or skip back and forth from the first page and last page of the document. You may also use thedirectional buttons at the bottom of the pages to skip through the pages, page by page.

Once you have skipped past the Table of Contents page, a Table ofContents button appears at the top right of each page, allowing you to skip back to the Table of Contents page from whichever page you are on. Skippingforward to an index page, you will note there are several pictures of AMP products and their corresponding pages. Click on the picture and it takes you tothe page of that particular product. Also on the index page, you will notice a listing of pages below the picture which can also be clicked to take youto its page and product listing. Each page of the index should have a "clickable" listing which allows you to jump into the corresponding page.

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