Thom yorke

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Thom Yorke
Work prepared by: Tiago Martins
Class: 11ºI
Discipline: English
Thomas Edward "Thom" Yorke (born 7 October 1968) is an English musician who is the lead vocalist and principal songwriter of the alternative rock bandRadiohead. He mainly plays guitar and piano, but he has also played drums and bass guitar (notably during the Kid A and Amnesiac sessions). In July 2006, hereleased his debut solo album, The Eraser.
Yorke has been cited among the most influential figures in the music industry: in 2002, Q Magazine named Yorke the most powerful British musician and in 2005, Radiohead were ranked #73 in Rolling Stone's "100 Greatest Artists of All Time" list. Yorke has also been cited among the greatest singers in the history of popular music: in 2005, a poll organisedby Blender and MTV2 saw Yorke voted the 18th greatest singer of all time,and in 2008, he was ranked 66th in Rolling Stone's "100 Greatest Singers of all Time." Allmusic wrote: "Few rock singers of the '90s were as original and instantly unforgettable as Thom Yorke."

And career Yorke was born in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. At birth, his left eye was fixed shut; his doctorsbelieved that his eye was paralyzed and that the condition was permanent. Yorke's parents took him to an eye specialist, who suggested a muscle graft. Yorke underwent five eye operations before he was six years old. Yorke's father, a chemical equipment salesman, was hired by a firm in Scotland shortly after his son's birth and the family lived there until Yorke was seven. During this time Yorke had towear a patch over his eye. He has stated that the last surgery was "botched," leaving him with a drooping eyelid.
Yorke's family moved frequently; Yorke would move from school to school, where classmates teased him because of his eye problems. The family finally settled in Oxfordshire in 1978.Yorke received his first guitar when he was seven, inspired by guitarist Brian May in a liveperformance with his band Queen. By age 11, he had joined his first band and written his first song.He attended the all boys public school Abingdon where he met future band members Ed O'Brien, Phil Selway, Colin Greenwood and Colin's younger brother, Jonny. Yorke and his friends formed a band named On A Friday, as Friday was the only day on which the members were allowed to rehearse. Yorke, in this earlyline up, played guitar and provided vocals because "Nobody else would do it," and was already developing his songwriting and lyrical skills. Yorke, speaking about music's influence on him as a schoolboy, said, "School was bearable for me because the music department was separate from the rest of the school. It had pianos in tiny booths, and I used to spend a lot of time hanging around there afterschool."
After leaving school, Yorke postponed going to university for a year. During that time he worked in a few jobs and was involved in a car accident that made him wary of any kind of mechanised transport. Yorke left Oxford to study at the University of Exeter in late 1988, which as a result put On a Friday on hiatus aside from holiday break rehearsals. While at Exeter, Yorke worked as a DJat Guild nights in the Lemon Grove and played briefly with the band Headless Chickens. Yorke also met Rachel Owen, whom he began dating.
On A Friday resumed activity in 1991 as the members were finishing their degree courses. Now relocated to Oxford, they signed to Parlophone and changed their name to Radiohead. Around this time, Yorke said he "hit the self-destruct button prettyquickly"; he drank heavily, which resulted in him randomly cutting his hair off and being too drunk to perform onstage.
Radiohead first gained notice with the worldwide hit single "Creep", which later appeared on the band's 1993 debut album Pablo Honey. Yorke admitted later that the success had fed his ego; he tried to project himself as a rock star, which included bleaching his hair and wearing...