The sensitivity of the surface ozone formation in the metropolitan area of rio de janeiro to nox and vocs concentrations using the cmaq model

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Presented at the 9th Annual CMAS Conference, Chapel Hill, NC, October 11-13, 2010

Improvements in Emissions and Air Quality Modeling System applied to Rio de Janeiro – Brazil
Santolim, L. C. D; Curbani, F.; Albuquerque, T. T. A; Morais, T. J.; Cavassani, K. N.; F. Frizzera, A. B.; Scardini, C.; Silva, M. L. B.; Vieira, M. R; Kohler, L. A; Oliveira, A. M. P; Gonsalves, T. B. EcoSoft –Consultoria e Softwares Ambientais Ltda: Consulting, Softwares and Monitoring ( newly created emissions inventory was used as input for CMAQv4.6. This paper presents a package tool to quantify and evaluate the local air quality. The main aim of the work is to implement a calculation tool to predict air pollutant concentrations and the impact of potential mitigation measures on the localair quality. An emission inventory was created to the Metropolitan Area of Rio de Janeiro (MARJ) based on 2008 year as well as mitigation scenarios.


It was developed an alternative tool to build a spatially (3D geo-referenced framework) and temporally resolved emissions inventory called SIA-ATMOS. All kind of sources arising from the study area are included in the software,i.e. mobile sources, industrial and commercial emissions, open burning, dust resuspension and stack releases. Input data to feed the software include geo-referenced location for all the considered sources, traffic patterns, integrated emission factors for mobile sources, fleet composition, energy generation at local power plants, natural gas burning in residential and commercial places and trashand vegetation burning rates, among others information. Additional to that, an interesting aspect of this work is the CMAQ coupling into this package tool, which allows users without Linux knowledge to work with these types of models. Thus in the course of this work, it was introduced a routine into SIA-ATMOS which modifies the time independent sparse gridding matrix (GRDMAT) depending onmeteorological values. This modified gridding matrix is calculated for each hour of the year, and therefore enhances the spatial as well as the temporal resolution for certain source sectors. Additionally a vertical distribution using Plume Rise was also introduced. The
______________________________________________ *Corresponding author: Taciana T. A. Albuquerque


The modelingsystem of this study consists of a meteorological model, an air quality model and an emission inventory database and all these modeling tools were integrated into a general framework to simulate the local and regional atmospheric circulation and predict the pollutant concentrations in MARJ. Details of each component are described in following subsections. SIA is an Environmental Information Systemwhich was developed by EcoSoft Consulting Company to control in an integrated form, multi-user, multi-company, the most variety of activities related with environmental system, including quality of assurance, environmental

Department of Atmospheric Sciences. Astronomy, Geophysics and Atmospheric Sciences Institute University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil.
e-mail: monitoring plan, solid waste and management of sub products.

2.3 Meteorological Model The meteorological model was selected in this study to provide the meteorological fields required for chemical-transport model and the emission processing system was the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) modeling system version 3.1 (Skamarock and Klemp, 2008).

2.1 Functions of the System The systemsupports a high volume of data and provides statistical and graphical tools. Advanced features of GIS, reports, inventories, and atmospheric modeling formulations are also integrated in the system.

2.4 Air Quality Model Besides that, the integrated system allows:  To integrate air resources: emission inventory, air pollution prediction and control;  The online monitoring of the meteorological...
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