The national theatre

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The National Theatre is the largest architectural ensemble directed by Oscar Niemeyer in Brasílialta destined exclusively to the arts. It is one of the central points of tourist interest. Inalgurado30th January 1961.A white pyramid of concrete, iron and glass, built with precision on a small platform, facing the Esplanade of Ministries in the Cultural Sector North is from Brazil and Brasília.Thename honors the musician Claudio Santoro Amazon.The National Theatre was designed by Niemeyer in carnival season that certainly faced challenges and the immense solitude of the central plateau,watching the works of the capital. It has the shape of a pyramid without apex, characteristic of Aztec architecture. Was calculated by Joaquim Cardozo, the poet who had the domain for the large masses ofconcrete. 3608 glasses are in the east and west facades. The white cubes in the north and south walls of different sizes, designed by Athos, are also hundreds. These reliefs are the largest and mostmonumental work of urban intervention of Athos. In developing the project, Oscar Niemeyer had the collaboration of the painter, set designer and theater technician, Italian Aldo Calvo.
Besides beingthe most important city theater, the Teatro Nacional Claudio Santoro is the largest architectural ensemble directed by Oscar Niemeyer, destined exclusively to the arts of the federal capital.
Thegardens were designed by Burle Marx, within the work of the building being completed. In conclusion work, the team was led by architect Milton Ramos. The acoustic treatment expert was commissioned toRussian Igor Sresnewski. The theater was reopened on March 6, 1979, with all rooms completed, but several problems that required immediate correction made ​​with new works that were performed from Novemberof the same year.
It has three rooms show - Martins Pena, Villa-Lobos and Alberto Nepumuceno - and an annex.
Room Martins Pena, the first pianist to play for the audience was the alagoano Joel...
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