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  • Publicado : 14 de abril de 2013
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The Finder was designed by four man, Chu Wang, Qiujin Kou, Qian Yin & Yonghua Zhang. It should be in the markets soon, but, as far I’mconcerned it hasn’t been released yet.

Finder is a little device designed for people that are a little bit forgetful and misplace essentials, like yourphone or your keys.
In order for it to work An RFID chip is installed into your gadget or the things you want to get a track of so once you lose them you caneasily find them. The system works using radio frequency identification tags embedded in small stickers which you can attach to anything. It will displayhow far the gadget or item is from you and in what direction. All you have to do is to follow the direction which probably will update as you walk. Each RFIDtag is set with the appropriate label for the object that it sticks to, allowing you to then enter the name of your lost belongings into the Finder for easyretrieval.
Next time, when you can’t find something, just take a look around the room with your Finder.
Finder is very helpful, because it will save us alot of time looking for our missing objects. It’s estimated that The Finder will cost between 50 and 100$, which in my opinion is money well spent. With thisgadget you everyone now easily locate their belongings  As a fact one always tends to lose temper when it comes to finding things they can’t afford to lose.The finder is almost the same size of your smart phone and the display is completely transparent however it more or less does looks like a smart phone.
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